A timeless music trio featuring dynamic songs, impressive guitars and rich three part harmonies, performing a blend of classic songs and catchy originals. 

Quickly becoming a local favorite, in 2017 Wooden Nickel was invited to play at the McKinney Texas Music Jam, and in 2018 headlined both the Frisco StrEATS Festival and the Jake's Heart Annual Music Festival, along with regular shows in the North Dallas area.

Steve Anderson is an accomplished songwriter, singer, and guitar player with an old soul - and you can feel it in every note, hear it in every word.  Whether on acoustic, electric or slide guitar - or when singing from the heart - there's an undeniable authenticity to the performance.  With a background covering rock, country, and blues, he weaves a colorful tapestry of emotion and sound.

Don Breaux picked up a guitar at age 15 and never put it down.  Growing up in Southwest Louisiana, he was exposed to the best of blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, and timeless rock, and has played professionally in ensembles of all those genres.  He is a player's player, a soulful singer, and a heckuva storyteller, taking what has been said and retelling it in his own musical style and accent.

Jim Whitwell nimbly lays down the solid low end of this trio on bass, as well as high vocals with a voice that can be as sweet as honey or grind away like a soul lost in a nearly forgotten juke joint.  He is intuitively melodic and harmonic - and with years of live performance and studio experience, his bass and vocals provide the perfect musical frame for the band's adventures.